13 - 15 November, 2017
Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Prof. Hesham El Shazly

Geotechnical Expert, Parsons; Reviewing Expert, Abu-Dhabi Projects
Abu Dhabi Municipality

Prof. Hesham Elshazly is a Professor of Geotechnical Engineering at National Water Research Center, Egypt and a Geotechnical Expert with Parsons and Abu Dhabi Municipality. Prof. Dr. El Shazly has nearly 30 years of combined practical, research and academic experience in geotechnical engineering, soil dynamics, earthquake engineering, dam engineering, river (irrigation) structures, maritime geotechnics, soil-structure interaction, structural dynamics, infrastructure geotechnics, shoring systems, tunnels and TBM micro-tunnels, HDDs, bridges, pavement design, reinforced earth foundations and MSE alls, observational construction and back analysis as well as geophysical methods and interpretations. Prof. Dr. El-Shazly obtained his PhD in Civil Engineering from Kyoto University, Japan in 1997.

9:00 AM Keynote presentation: Mysterious subsidence in the road: a forensic study

A significant subsidence was observed in a newly constructed road in a remote labor city in Abu Dhabi. The cause of the destress in the pavement structure was hard to identify not only at first glance but also after significant concentration. The pavement layers were carefully examined. More relevantly, sampling and testing were carried out in order to characterize the material of the foundation soils as well as to determine their fabric strength. All other applied loadings and historical incidents were also investigated in order to reveal the true cause of the reported substantial damage.

• Careful examination is a key to the success in forensic studies
• Careful and disciplined interpretation of test results is essential
• Peculiarity and jumping to conclusions are the worst misleaders

11:30 AM Panel discussion: Establishing sustainable stakeholder collaboration

• How can clients, consultants, contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers work together effectively from conception to construction
• Understanding each stakeholder’s role in the design and construction process to ensure project success
• What future plans are in place to ensure the continued prominence of the industry
• How does geopolitical tension affect the market
• Application of the observational method

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