13 - 15 November, 2017
Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

David Kitching


Graduated in 1978 from Newcastle as a Geotechnical Civil Engineer and gained an MSc in Soil Mechanics in 1983 from Imperial College. Worked for Fairhurst & Partners, Ove Arups (London & Edinburgh) and then Frank Graham & Partners before launching into the specialist geotechnical contracting field as Chief Engineer for the U&M Group. In 1992 co-founded the Stress Group operating in the UK and the Far East specialising in remedial geotechnical solutions together with hi-tech structural strengthening of many types of structures from listed building and monuments to tunnels, bridges, Utilities and domestic and commercial property. In 2005 co-invented the internationally patented ReFORCE ground permeation system and subsequently founded GeoInnovations Ltd researching and developing innovative geotechnical techniques for ground improvement particularly ‘permeation engineering’. Currently CEO of the Stress Group

12:50 PM Permeation engineering for ground strengthening

The insitu strengthening of soils to increase their load carrying capacity has in the past been a crude and inexact science. GeoInnovations has over the last 12 years invented and developed a patented system which allows accurate design and installation of sub-terrainian ground strengthening solutions for various construction problems. 
The system revolves around the patented ReFORCE system which is a unique and sophisticated method of accurately placing a geotechnical grout at significant depths in a soil using lightweight and portable equipment to form load bearing consolidated masses and columns which can be used as piles, anchor blocks, water cut off trenches and temporary works for basement construction in technically difficult geotechnical conditions.

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